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10 reasons why news is evil

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If you have ever seen happiness in the person who is ‘blissfully unaware’ then this article in The Guardian may appeal to you. An extract from the book, The Art of Thinking Clearly, by Joseph Dobelli, the article lays out 10 reasons why news is bad for you and how giving up reading news will make you happier. Dobelli contends that investigative journalism is always relevant and is the way forward for the media.

Here are Dobelli’s 10 reasons why news is bad for you:

  1. News misleads

  2. News is irrelevant

  3. News has no explanatory power

  4. News is toxic for your body

  5. News increases cognitive errors

  6. News inhibits thinking

  7. News works like a drug

  8. News wastes time

  9. News makes us passive

  10. News kills creativity

We have come up with 10 reasons why news is a force for good, when created and digested the right way:

  1. News informs

  2. News adds relevance

  3. News has an explanatory power

  4. News can nourish your mind

  5. News increases knowledge

  6. News opens your mind

  7. News works like a drug

  8. News saves time (if you know what’s coming, you will make better decisions)

  9. News makes us engaging

  10. News breeds creativity

What do you think? News a force for good, or evil?

Graphic courtesy of The Guardian. Thank you @katemagee for originally linking to the article. 

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One Response so far.

  1. Tim Summers says:

    I don’t think news is innately bad or good. It can nourish your mind, but so can a good novel. Moreover it’s possible to live a fulfilled life without knowledge of much of what goes on in the world. However, an awareness of what is happening out there is essential for anyone wishing to pursue projects that involve engagement with other people and events. That means most business people, most public servants, most artists…