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March 31, 2015Published by: Drew

Live streaming services Meerkat and Periscope woo influencers, brands and the media

courtesy of the BBC

The BBC's Meerkat stream from coverage of the Ferguson protests, from the BBC's College of Journalism Blog

Live streaming video is a red hot area in social media right now. Last week Twitter launched Periscope, and at the beginning of March Meerkat opened up for business. Also since then, Meerkat landed $14m in funding from VCs and individuals including Universal Music Group, Jared Leto, David Tisch and Chad Hurley.

What's interesting to us here is a couple of factors: firstly that Meerkat and Periscope are making a bigger impact because they are here at the same time, and how the two services are being used by the media, high profile individuals and brands, ie not just by any old user, but influential users that are tapping into large audiences from the beginning. That presents a big opportunity.

Brands, influencers and media outlets have been bold in their rapid pickup of Meerkat and Periscope. We've seen some nice examples (and a load of curious ones - namely #fridgeview). Here's a run down of the more notable ones:

This article in BGR looks at Meerkat and Periscope's impact, in particular that it's not one of the top apps at all - but rather just with early adopters and the media. And that's how Instagram and Twitter started.

We're fans of video in general here at Battenhall, so it should be no surprise at all that we're fans of both Periscope and Meerkat. For what it's worth, Meerkat pips Periscope for my coveted prize of which one is best, because of the interaction you get with viewers.

Tomorrow marks the start of VEDA (Vlogging Every Day in April) and specifically BattenVEDA, which you can read about and get involved with here. Happy vlogging!

March 26, 2015Published by: Drew

What Facebook’s new Messenger for Businesses means for brands

courtesy of the economist

Facebook Messenger is the world's second biggest messaging app, with 600m active users, behind only WhatsApp with its 700m. Messaging is the place to be right now in social media and brand communications, as this new chart published in The Economist shows so clearly. 3bn people use the top 10 messaging apps collectively, The Economist says. One thing the number two app, Messenger, has over WhatsApp however is that as a brand communications and customer care channel, it is far better established.

With 1.39bn users and counting, Facebook as a social network is double the size of WhatsApp, and is still the de facto place for people to follow brands on the social web. This is why Facebook's announcements last night are so interesting.

Facebook has announced that it is introducing Messenger for businesses, and is turning Messenger into an open platform for companies and developers to make new things out of its system. So now is the time to start experimenting. Already just in the last week, Facebook launched payments over Messenger. I think this is going to be a really interesting space.

Will WhatsApp's simplicity trump Facebook's new Messenger platform? As the saying goes, do one thing well, right? Still, there's plenty of fun that can be had with Messenger now, so watch out for brand innovations and new developments in this space.

March 16, 2015Published by: Steph Bennett

30 things to vlog about for #BattenVEDA

This April, vloggers from around the world will be taking part in a challenge to vlog every day as part of the #BattenVEDA community. Although the VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) challenge originated on YouTube, we’re evolving the concept to take it into the realms of other video platforms such as Instagram and Vine for the first time.

Each day vloggers will film, edit and share their videos on their chosen video channels and social networks using the hashtag #BattenVEDA, allowing other participants and their subscribers and followers to watch and enjoy their content. If this sounds like something you'd like to try you can sign up and see who is taking part this time right here.

Vlogging for 30 days straight is no mean feat so the Battenhall team have prepared a calendar of daily prompts as inspiration. There are more detailed descriptions in the Google Calendar too.


Next week we’ll be announcing details of our first series of vlogs created by #BattenVEDA veterans with tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your vlogging experience with us.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via @StephsBubble or

March 11, 2015Published by: Drew

Facebook further develops audience engagement for brands with Topic Data

fb topic data

Facebook yesterday announced the launch of Topic Data, coming first just to brands in the UK and US, enabling advertisers to get their hands on data of "what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities."

This data is about all topics, not just about brands' own content, and is anonymized. This means organisations are able to see more clearly the topics that switch on their target audiences. Facebook has teamed up with social data provider DataSift on this initiative.

Here's what Facebook has said about the new launch in its announcement:

Topic data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private. Marketers use the information from topic data to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels, and build product roadmaps.
For example, with topic data:

A business selling a hair de-frizzing product can see demographics on the people talking about humidity’s effects on their hair to better understand their target audience.

A fashion retailer can see the clothing items its target audience is talking about to decide which products to stock.

A brand can see how people are talking about their brand or industry to measure brand sentiment.

March 9, 2015Published by: Steph Bennett

#BattenVEDA is back with a twist!


#BattenVEDA is back! We started #BattenVEDA last year as community for vloggers who were taking part in the global YouTube event called VEDA, where participants Vlog Every Day in April or August. It's a tough but rewarding challenge which is open to vloggers of all levels of experience, so whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, we'd love you to join us.

We connect our vloggers through a calendar of daily prompts, weekly Twitter chats and regular Google Hangouts and in a twist from the usual calendar creation we asking you what you'd like to see on the list of topics. So, send your topic suggestions through to by 20th March 2015 for your chance to be featured.

Taking #BattenVEDA to YouTube and beyond

Since VEDA began, the focus has remained exclusively on YouTube but this year we're mixing it up. We're opening up #BattenVEDA to video makers on Instagram and Vine too. We're leaving it's up to you to choose how and where you want to vlog this time.

Register to be part of #BattenVEDA

Registration is completely free of charge and simply allows participants and viewers of #BattenVEDA to find you, connect and subscribe to your channel easily.

The #BattenVEDA Community

You can find everyone who has registered to take part in #BattenVEDA right here, so make time to say 'Hi' and introduce yourself - you'll find that throughout the month of April you'll be spending a lot of time getting to know each other.

If you're a #BattenVEDA veteran or a regular vlogger we'd love to talk to you about creating some additional content with tips and tricks for the community. Please email me at

#BattenVEDA Calendar of Topics

Our aim here at Battenhall is to keep you motivated and inspired and each day you'll find a prompt on the #BattenVEDA calendar which launches on Monday 23rd March. If you have a topic you'd like to recommend we feature please do let us know before 20th March 2015.

The calendar is there as guide so feel free to freestyle. This is your VEDA experience so you can vlog about whatever you like! If you want to take part but can only vlog now and then, that's okay too. #BattenVEDA is focused on community first and don't you forget it.

Staying connected

Our Twitter chats will take place every Monday evening at 8pm GMT+1 using the hashtag #BattenChat. Watch out for Google Hangouts and other spontaneous activities may pop up from time to time to make this #BattenVEDA extra special.

Finally, always remember to use the #BattenVEDA hashtag when you share your vlogs on social media and if you have any questions at all please feel free to tweet me @StephsBubble or email me at

We can't wait to connect with you and start watching your vlogs! 

March 6, 2015Published by: Drew

We’re hiring: calling superstar junior digital designers

It's an exciting time to be working at Battenhall, as our enviable client roster is inviting us to work on ever more ambitious briefs, and digital design is a rapidly expanding part of our portfolio. We're looking for junior digital designers to join our team. If you are interested in this role, please email and tell us a bit about yourself...

As a junior designer you will work closely with our creative manager and developers to create social and digital content from games and apps to social networks and campaign websites. You will most likely be a recent design degree graduate or about to come out of Uni. Working with us you'll get all the usual perks of being a Battenhaller too - highest end technology, allowances for side projects and training, and you'll be working in a new, fast-growing and multi award-winning team. You'll be based in our Angel Islington office but flexi-working and remote working come as standard too.

Your role will include

  • Responding to briefs with creative and relevant ideas
  • Working in compliance to brand guidelines
  • Creating wireframes for websites, applications and digital social advertising
  • Developing UX & UI designs

About you

  • Principally digital
  • Original free thinking
  • Knowledge of current design trends
  • An eye for detail and precision
  • Well organised and conscientious
  • Team player with excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently
  • Receptive to creative review and feedback, while maintaining a positive attitude


  • You'll need to be experienced at working with Adobe Creative Suite including
  • Excellent knowledge of Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • (An understanding of HTML, CSS and WordPress (CMS) would be a bonus)

March 5, 2015Published by: Drew

Battenhall wins best social media agency in the UK


Last night we scooped the award for Best Social Media Agency in the UK at the PR Moment Awards. And we're over the moon about it as you can imagine! 650 guests were packed into The Brewery in London for the coveted awards bash and, while the odds were stacked against us - we were up against well-established, global agencies - we couldn't be happier than to come away with this award for Battenhall as an agency.

For a brand new agency like us, not yet even two years old, to win the #1 spot last night, makes me beyond proud of the team here, their talent, passion for their work, drive and innovation.

A huge thank you to all our clients and friends of Battenhall for your support. It means so much to us.


March 3, 2015Published by: Sharmin Cheema-Kelly

Is the platform-publisher model the future of digital media?

Is the dress white and gold, or black and blue? Chances are you heard about the dress the world's been talking about through Facebook or Twitter.

While social media has traditionally been used to spread content which users think is interesting, hilarious or just plain confusing (like what colour the dress is!), social media channels are increasingly becoming platforms for media companies to promote their content on, as well as a place for channels such as Snapchat and LinkedIn to publish their own content.


Pic credit - LoboStudioHamburg

More and more social media channels are looking to strengthen and monetise their publishing platforms while telling stories that appeal to their users in the hopes of keeping them coming back for more. However, the lines between journalism and advertising are blurring - when Instagram announced that it was boosting its journalistic team and required that new hires "popularise budding Instagram stars", journalists including Chris O'Shea of Adweek aired their frustrations, claiming that the outlined job scope was more advertising than journalism, or superfluous journalism at best, in their quest to "find the hidden meaning in a photo of a hedgehog".

Much as this might threaten journalism as a principled vocation, it would be a mistake to discount a channel like Instagram with its growing user base of over 300 million users - journalists would no doubt be lining up to fill these influential positions.

The introduction of Snapchat's latest news feature Discover and the fact that it has managed to provide a platform for media bigwigs including Yahoo, Vice and CNN to share their news content, has also outshone the fact that it has hired its own journalists for the platform including The Verge's Ellis Hamburger and MTV's Greg Wacks. Facebook and 'sleeping media giant' LinkedIn are also jumping on the platform-publisher bandwagon, with the latter hiring Fortune editor to help build its publishing platform although it has the upper hand as content is just a sideline business for them.

Streaming music services have also been fast to move into this space with Apple, Spotify, and Rhapsody all hiring journalists to help its users better navigate a vast musical landscape.

The lines between platform and publisher will continue to blur and we can't wait to see if this new breed of journalism will take off and how it will continue to shape the future of digital publishing.