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May 28, 2015Published by: Drew

Messaging apps to become the social media of the future: Meeker Report 2015

One of the major publications worth reading in digital communications each year is the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report. The 2015 edition has been published, and at 197 pages long, we've reviewed the key points at a glance.

Content discovery is in the hands of consumer

Social media, messaging apps and mobile have changed how we discover and access media, one of the first trends Meeker points out and one which she predicts will continue to develop significantly in the future. Twitter, Google Chromecast, Facebook and games consoles all get a mention as disruptors.

Meeker slide 1

Messaging apps to become content hubs

Services such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Wechat and Line are flagged up as major influences on consumer engagement with brands and the media. Meeker points out that many are starting to become media hubs, and predicts that this will continue to develop. What she's saying here, is that messaging apps are the future social networks.

Meeker slide 2

Consumers engage with brands on mobile

Advertising on mobile is showing growth, whereas other areas such as desktop and print are 'over-indexed', according to Meeker. We see a similar trend in our ad campaigns here at Battenhall - mobile is showing the greatest engagement. Slide 20 of the report looks at new mobile ad formats from Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Google as examples of innovation in this space.

Meeker slide 3

Social media reinventing email

Slack is singled out by Meeker as an example of how social media is reinventing email, with elements such as mobile-first usage, instant messaging speed, presence and social grouping to change user habits.

Meeker slide 4

12-24 year old user trends show a window to the future

This age group is referred to by Meeker as the trend setters. Mobile first, visual social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, 'presence, and live streaming such as Periscope and Meerkat all get the nod as ways in which mainstream social media will be heading.

Meeker slide 5

The full report also looks at wearables, drones, cyber security, the sharing economy and much more, and is available on Slideshare to swipe through or download.

May 21, 2015Published by: Fereshta Amir

Inaugural TMRW conference explores: who owns social media?


Yesterday saw the inaugural event TMRW take place at the IP Expo in Manchester. With a focus on the future of digital and technology, the event featured speakers such as Professor Brian Cox and experts in the worlds of robotics, hacking and social media.

Our founder, Drew, spoke on a panel discussing 'who owns social media' alongside Steve Wood from the Information Commissioner's Office, Dom McGregor of The Social Chain and Stu Jackson of UP Communications.

The one point that all the panellists agreed on was that regulators such as the ASA and ICO are doing a good job of protecting the public, whether that be from abuse, bad content or misleading advertising practices. But that also the social networks themselves could and should always do more to speed up the process of cleaning up social media.

If you missed the event, highlights are on Twitter and on TMRW's site.

Photo credit Lizzie Wood 

May 12, 2015Published by: Fereshta Amir

Snapchat Our Stories returns to London

If you're an avid SnapChatter like we all are at Battenhall London, you will have noticed that for a while now, the photo sharing platform has been running 'Our Stories', which sees people from around the world showing what life is like where they live. So far we've seen the likes of NYC Life, LA Life, London Life, Dubai Life, Toronto Life, Singapore Life and more. Today, the Our London Story is running, meaning people in London can add snaps to the live story, with the hope of getting global fame, and users can take part right now.

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May 11, 2015Published by: Drew

Battenhall named Holmes Report EMEA New PR Agency of the Year


Last week we heard that Battenhall had been shortlisted for its first global award, and this morning the winners were announced. We're bowled over to have been named by the prestigious Holmes Report as best new PR agency in EMEA!

The Holmes Report said in its write-up: "Our 2015 EMEA PR Consultancies of the Year are the result of an exhaustive research process involving more than 150 submissions and 100 face-to-face meetings with the best PR firms across the region. There’s a simple formula that’s oft neglected in PR: build a strong culture, attract top-notch talent and do great work. Many of the newer agencies coming onto the market seem built around staying true to that philosophy. Among them is Battenhall. Founder Drew Benvie — former CEO of Hotwire UK — launched Battenhall 24 months ago with the plan to “turn the PR agency model upside down.”... and you can read more on the awards site here.

Thank you Holmes Report!!