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November 25, 2015Published by: Drew

Data: brands spending 500% more marketing to Millennials than all other demographics put together

New data has come out which shows that brands are now spending 500% more on marketing to millennials than on all other demographics combined. The new stats as published in Ad Week are from adtech brand Turn which has published this infographic that delves into the millennial marketing space. Social media commands 400% more of a focus on millennials, and video 600%, and all this echoes with our work at Battenhall too. Check out the research in full here.

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November 24, 2015Published by: Drew

How messaging apps are reinventing customer care for brands

If you subscribe to the Battenhall WhatsApp, you will know just how much messaging apps are disrupting brand communications - not just because you'll be used to receiving from us what you might otherwise have taken from a newsletter or a Twitter trawl, but through the content that we share through it too, that shows daily how our clients and brands across the world are innovating with their use of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Firechat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram messaging and the list goes on.

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November 20, 2015Published by: Drew

The future of the workplace

This is a guest post by Elisa Rainford, who has been working at Battenhall this month whilst studying for a BA in business management and marketing. It's the latest in a series of guest posts from new Battenhall team members on topics that interest them from their lives outside of the agency.

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November 17, 2015Published by: Drew

Minecraft to be used to teach kids to code


We're big fans of Minecraft here at Battenhall HQ. News has come out overnight that a new initiative from and Microsoft is being launched that will help teach kids to code using Minecraft.

As reported on MSDN: "The new Minecraft module is part of's third annual Hour of Code, a worldwide campaign that tries to demystify code by teaching the basics of computer science in just an hour. The Hour of Code takes place during Computer Science Education Week from December 7 - 13. If users sign up for the free Hour of Code Minecraft module, they'll learn how to use blocks of code to make Steve or Alex, the two main character skins from the game, adventure through a Minecraft world. Other modules, including some based on Star Wars, "Frozen" and other popular content, are also available on the site."

To use coding to build game characters is a fantastic way to convey the basics of software programming and give someone the creative spark for all things digital. Speaking from first hand experience, as I taught myself how to code doing precisely what this Minecraft initiative is doing - building a gaming character, albeit not on anything that looked like Minecraft, I think this will bring about some amazing results.

November 5, 2015Published by: Drew

Facebook’s new data dump: up to 1.55bn users, Instagram 400m, Whatsapp 900m, Messenger 700m

New Facebook Q3 numbers

Facebook last night released its new results for the last quarter, and the user numbers are worth brushing up on. Facebook has grown by 60 million active users in the last three months, still by a long shot the biggest social network globally. It now has 8 million daily video views, which has doubled in the last six months, 1.007 billion active users every day, and as many are shifting from the public news feed, ie traditional part of Facebook, over to Messenger, ie the private part, this is where a lot of the action is. Having opened up Facebook Messenger as a platform, there is a huge amount of activity and growth there too.

The full stats are worth a read, especially because WhatsApp and Instagram are part of the quarterly update too.

Image via Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.