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March 24, 2016Published by: Jonny Atter

YouTube ups its live streaming capabilities

Have you tried live streaming video yet? It's increasingly at our finger tips with Facebook Live and Periscope but now YouTube has stepped into the game too. Although YouTube has had live streaming capability for a while now it had to be done through Google+ and Hangouts if you were on a desktop, or through the YouTube creator app if on mobile and wasn't always the most user friendly experience.

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March 23, 2016Published by: Drew

Having a chat with Tay… AI meets social messaging apps

All the talk last week has been of Google DeepMind playing, and beating, the world champion of Go. I don't know the game Go well, but I have read that it is so complex that it was previously thought a computer could not beat a top human player. Until now of course, as Google Deepmind's AlphaGo has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to finally beat a person - South Korea's Lee Se-dol - who turned pro at the age of 12 and has won 18 world championships!

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March 16, 2016Published by: Drew

Instagram changes its time stamps and announces a personalised feed

In the last week, Instagram ushered in a seemingly small tweak to its content layout, where the trademark age stamps were replaced with far less visible date footers. The old version, as you will no doubt remember, displayed the date stamp top right of the photo or video, in hours, days or weeks depending on age. This is still visible if you look at Instagram on your laptop or computer. However from the Instagram app, you will now see the precise date, rather than the age of the content, and it appears in a barely visible pale grey text below the content and below all comments and likes. It's clear that the age of the content is intended to be less relevant to Instagram moving forward.

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March 8, 2016Published by: Dom Whitehurst

Battenhall launches 3rd birthday Snapchat geofilter

Today, to mark our third birthday, we’ve launched our own branded Battenhall geofilter on Snapchat. Our birthday filter is available to all Snapchat users in the Old Street area of Shoreditch area today and later the week. It’s mainly for our teamies to share the love - Snapchat is the #1 go to app in Battenhall HQ - but also for our visiting clients, friends, and to the local coffee shops where we spend approximately 33% of our salaries.

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March 8, 2016Published by: Drew

Happy 3rd Birthday Battenhall

Today our business turns three years old! Today we're a big, busy, bustling business full of creative minds, innovators and award winners, but three years ago today, Battenhall launched in a big empty office in East London, with only a tiny bit of client work to get us started, and only one person (me!). However we had big plans - to become the next great agency. Here is what I wrote about our founding mission back then. It was a scary and exciting time. But there was a gap in the market for a digital innovation-led communications agency, and the rest is history.

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