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July 30, 2018Published by: Charlie Sharpe

The fake news fightback is real

Fake news is old news, right? You know, that thing that reared its ugly head a couple of years ago and then quickly turned into memes? Well, yes and no. It may have made headlines in 2016 with the British referendum on whether to leave the EU, the US election, and various brands becoming victims of fake news, but its application and effects are still very much being seen and felt today.

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July 20, 2018Published by: Sam Keefe

How Nike is using data to get sales into shape

It probably won’t come as a major surprise to hear that sportswear is big business, especially when it comes to trainers. But while the industry has been at the forefront of athletics and British culture for years, it seems to have grown and gone to a whole new level lately.

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