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Christmas is Coming


Christmas is just around the corner, so enjoy the last of the normality before the chaos begins. With just 61 days until Christmas, here’s what to expect in social media land. 1. Christmas emotions You may have experienced an office debate over when is an acceptable time to play Christmas music. There’s always one colleague […]

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The New Day Job: Internet Creators


Whether you follow fashion or not, it was hard to miss the social media buzz around Milan Fashion Week (MFW) this month. Media publishers, entertainment companies, celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers were tweeting updates, snapchatting the catwalks and instagramming street styles. It’s no surprise that fashion bloggers and influencers were a catalyst for the social […]

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How Instagram is making itself more appealing to brands

instagram-insights-01-2016 (1)

Instagram has announced new Business Profiles that will specifically appeal to businesses, marketers and advertisers alike. The launch comes just two weeks after the introduction of Instagram Stories, a feature criticised for being a carbon copy of Snapchat yet, despite this, brands have taken to the new feature. This is due to brands still being […]

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The rise of dark brand campaigns


Recently we’ve been seeing a growing trend in the use of ‘dark’ marketing and PR campaigns, where brands use private social networks to connect with their audiences. Today, Laura Saggers, the US-based singer-songwriter, is debuting her new single and video on Snapchat. You can view the promo video for the next 24 hours before it vanishes. […]

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Google launches ‘KidsTube’ app


Today, YouTube announced that it will be launching a YouTube Kids app in the US on Monday. This will be a free, Android only app designed specifically for the younger generation and their tastes. The app will offer family-friendly content under the categories of shows, music, learning and explore – allowing children to browse safely. […]

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YouTubers: brand endorsement crack down by ASA


We recently blogged about the rise of YouTube celebrities and for years now brands have been tapping into their highly engaged audiences through brand endorsements. The influence of these YouTubers has been picked up by the media this year, uncovering that YouTubers can earn in the region of £100k in return for a day of product […]

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The social media food porn effect


Today, The Drum announced @Nandosuk as the most engaging brand on Twitter in the UK, coinciding with The Forbes Top 25 restaurants on social media. It got our team thinking, why is it important for food brands to be recognised on social media, ahead of their competitors? Here’s three reasons why we think it’s important for food brands to be prominent […]

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Kardashian vs Comet: Did Kim’s bum break the internet?

kim paper cover

Kim Kardashian’s bum featured on the front page of Paper’s latest issue with the headline ‘Break the internet Kim Kardashian’. The cover caused a ruckus on social media – her bum trended on Twitter with blanket media coverage but did Kim’s bum break the internet as intended? We crunched the numbers to see whether Kim’s bum […]

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2014 Christmas adverts, on social media


Last week, Halloween came to a close and social media went crazy over 2014’s Christmas adverts with John Lewis, Coca Cola, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Tesco, Debenhams, Mulberry and Aldi  all revealing their much anticipated adverts. Hearts melted and grinches grumbled. Whether you love or hate Christmas adverts, you won’t have missed the buzz on your social streams. The […]

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The UK YouTubers power list


There’s a new breed of digital content producers on YouTube who have amassed fan bases bigger than some of the top celebrities and public figures on social media. Zoella has more YouTube subscribers than Demi Lovato, more Twitter followers than David Cameron and more likes than Innocent on Facebook. Top YouTubers have become a new […]

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Twitter freshens up its service

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 15.04.29

In response to all-time low user growth figures, Twitter has been busy experimenting and introducing new features. In a recent Bloomberg interview CEO Dick Costolo spoke about the future of Twitter and his aim to create a more visually engaging network while making it easier for newcomers to use. The most recent feature announcement is the Twitter mute button […]

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