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June 22, 2018Published by: Rhian Robinson

Instagram launches IGTV

There was exciting news from Instagram this week; on Wednesday, the social media platform announced the launch of IGTV, a standalone mobile app that is also integrated with Instagram, where users can create and watch vertical videos of up to 60 minutes.

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May 24, 2018Published by: Linnea Jonsson

Six insights about UK digital tech from this year’s Tech Nation Report

Tech Nation recently published their annual report on the digital tech landscape in the UK, looking at everything from international competitiveness, perceptions of the sector within the community, and data on jobs and skills. So what’s so special about UK tech? We jumped in and pulled out the most interesting points that Tech Nation highlighted.

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May 3, 2018Published by: Kieran Moriarty

The BeauGIFul game

On Wednesday night, AS Roma fell short in their Champions League quest as Liverpool beat them 7-6 on aggregate in a thrilling tie. While the Italian side may have failed on the pitch on this occasion, one aspect of the club’s season has been a triumphant success – their social media channels. Despite being based in a city synonymous with ancient history, Roma has won praise and many fans as one of the leading lights of a growing social media movement in football, courtesy of their innovative and fresh content.

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March 8, 2018Published by: Drew

Battenhall turns five

A lot of people, it turns out, have a five-year plan. I’ve been asking around and I can confirm these plans are almost always incredibly exciting. To travel the world. To buy a home. To swim with dolphins. To start up a business. Some people just plan for health and happiness, which is sensible I think. But five years ago, my plan was to build a business myself, around something I felt I could do well, and for it to succeed. When I say succeed, I meant still exist in five years… that’s all really. And now here we are five years later.

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March 6, 2018Published by: Andrew McClenaghan

How online influencers helped Jaguar launch the new I-Pace with a bang

The Geneva International Motor Show gets under way later this week (March 8-18), and it’s safe to say the automotive world has gone into overdrive.

From Lamborghini to Lexus, every major player will be there with a new model, special edition or concept, but one of the most highly anticipated vehicles, the Jaguar I-Pace, has already been making noise with a little help from social media.   

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February 1, 2018Published by: Drew

Facebook hits 2.14bn users, WhatsApp 1.5bn

Facebook announced its quarterly numbers overnight, with mostly ups and some downs. The social network reached new heights in terms of user numbers, revenue and profit, but share prices dipped with reactions to the slowing user number growth in general, and a dip in the US and Canada.

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