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October 23, 2017Published by: Drew

Trying something new – book short bursts of time with Battenhall in our 20% time

Since day one, we have tried to do things differently to other PR firms and ad agencies here at Battenhall, in the hope that we can find a new, more relevant working model for the social media age we're in. One of these different things is how we manage our time.

At Battenhall, all our consultants are given 20% of the working month to experiment, learn new skills and work on side projects. Limiting the amount of 'billable time' is very rare in agency land, for fear of it leading to a loss of earnings. But we find without R&D time for all, innovation is stifled. That's just not an option for us, as we're proud to be specialists in this area. So I'm launching a new experiment today in how I offer out my 20% time.

Book bursts of Battenhall 20% time

Starting this month, I will be offering one day a month of my time in 45min chunks for anyone to book. This will be a surgery-style drop-in, ideally suited to someone looking for consultancy advice on social media, PR or digital comms projects. All I ask for is that you're respectful with you request for time, that you don't try to sell us something, and that you've read up on Battenhall first so you know what you can get value from discussing with us.

The kind of things you might like to spend your time with us discussing might include:

  • Comms strategy and campaign advice
  • Social media tips
  • Branding / positioning
  • Checking on results from a current campaign
  • Help on a launch plan
  • Brain-picking on future social media and comms trends
  • Or maybe you're a non-profit and small bits of free advice are like gold dust to you

How to book

I have linked up my work calendar so that you can book slots online, so just find an available day and slot, and book it in. Click here to book.

Why are we doing this?

Many reasons really. I'm a huge believer in serendipity. Good always comes from good meetings. And for many organisations and projects, commissioning a specialist agency like ourselves isn't always a viable first step. A brief meeting like this doesn't take much of anyone's time, so nothing ventured, nothing gained. In 2018 we will see if this is worth continuing or even extending. So watch this space!

February 15, 2017Published by: Fereshta Amir

Do we need a digital Geneva Convention?

At the annual RSA Conference this week, Microsoft called for the establishment of a digital Geneva Convention. The company's President and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith, asked for technology companies to step up and work together to protect the public from nation-state sponsored cyber attacks.

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February 10, 2017Published by: Rebecca Gill-Clarke

Search it to believe it?

With imagery now an integral part of most major social media channels, there’s one platform which is trying to push boundaries even further. Pinterest has announced that it’s launching several new technologies under the name ‘Pinterest Visual Discovery’.

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October 13, 2016Published by: Tom Bradley

The path to Amazon world domination begins to take shape while it’s not quite ‘world’ domination, Amazon has certainly started to flex some of its muscles when it comes to taking over your life. Over the past few weeks, the Seattle juggernaut has started to bring out a number of products and services, all designed to integrate Amazon much more into your day-to-day life than before and much less about just being known as an all conquering global mega-market.

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October 12, 2016Published by: Andrew McClenaghan

Could social media be about to change the face of football?

In the UK, many football clubs are considered to be institutions. Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal for example, are steeped in decades of history. Their past is part of their continued appeal and their successes, coupled with how social media amplifies their fan base around the world, means it’s hard to imagine how any new team could attract any similar attention.

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