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Christmas is Coming


Christmas is just around the corner, so enjoy the last of the normality before the chaos begins. With just 61 days until Christmas, here’s what to expect in social media land. 1. Christmas emotions You may have experienced an office debate over when is an acceptable time to play Christmas music. There’s always one colleague […]

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What’s the haps with Snap?


Not content with just rebranding towards the end of last month, Snap Inc. have had also a whole host of press in the past few days. So here’s a little round up for you about what the haps is with Snap. Firstly, the Auto Advance feature – which allowed the user to click one Recent Update in their […]

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September – appdates left, right and centre

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Working at Battenhall means that we have a whole bunch of eyes on a whole bunch of social networks – an advantageous position to be in when updates and changes come in. We’re regularly alerted to an app update from team members in our Battenhall WhatsApp group. Whether it’s getting revelling over the latest update […]

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Clinton v Trump… will 2016 be the Snapchat election?

ClintonTrump Snapchat

Things are hotting up in the US presidential race. While they’ve been firing shots at one another for what seems like forever, presidential hopefuls, Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton, will next month come face-to-face for the first time in a live televised debate. This got me thinking about how the campaigns are being […]

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The rise of the Emoji


Everyone loves emojis. They’re often used to joke, express feelings, and at times give someone a piece of your mind. At Battenhall, we love using them for our daily WhatsApp Broadcast messages  – which is what inspired us to look into  where the universal language of emoji comes from, who decides what emoji launches next and why […]

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Snapchat introduces shoppable ads and ups its game to monetise the platform

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From emoji videos to exciting new caption limits, it seems that ghostly video app Snapchat always has a trick up its sleeve to surprise users. After the launch of its money transfer service Snapcash, it seems the monetisation of the platform is about to reach a whole new level, as Snapchat introduces 10-seconds call-to-action ads. […]

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Battenhall launches 3rd birthday Snapchat geofilter

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Today, to mark our third birthday, we’ve launched our own branded Battenhall geofilter on Snapchat. Our birthday filter is available to all Snapchat users in the Old Street area of Shoreditch area today and later the week. It’s mainly for our teamies to share the love – Snapchat is the #1 go to app in […]

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