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October 27, 2016Published by: Janey Spratt

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is just around the corner, so enjoy the last of the normality before the chaos begins. With just 61 days until Christmas, here’s what to expect in social media land.

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May 17, 2016Published by: Mashaal Jolly

The rise of the Emoji

Everyone loves emojis. They’re often used to joke, express feelings, and at times give someone a piece of your mind. At Battenhall, we love using them for our daily WhatsApp Broadcast messages  - which is what inspired us to look into  where the universal language of emoji comes from, who decides what emoji launches next and why so many brands and influencers are quickly jumping on the trend.

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June 23, 2015Published by: Anton Perreau

Quartz launches Atlas: The new home for charts and data

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.42.09

As data has become a leading back-bone for great articles, the platforms those articles are written on have had to become savvier about how that data is displayed and shared. Design hazardous screenshots don't quite suffice to the real thing, often a deeper dive into the chart is needed and Quartz have made a direct response to this need by launching their new visual companion. Today Quartz has launched Atlas, a new platform for discovering and sharing great charts. You can find it at

Quartz Chartbuilder

Alongside this launch, Quartz will be open-sourcing their highly popular Chartbuilder with a slew of new features. All of this with the hopes of bringing forward more contributions from developers.

To start, all of the charts are made by Quartz staff and select contributors. In time, as they build out the platform, Quartz are hoping to let anyone make charts in Atlas. If you’re interested in getting involved in any way, send an email at

April 13, 2015Published by: Drew

The arrival of the media grazing age

courtesy of emarketer

In the social media age, we don't follow media. Rather, media finds us. This is the finding in eMarketer's newest piece of research, sourced by Trendera, which looks specifically at how 13-34 year olds consume online video. But this is a much broader trend which we are seeing across multiple media formats and spreading across demographics, where social media has created a mainstream media grazing age.

Trendera's research shows that, amongst US respondents, recommendations are more important than subscribing to specific video content, and trending topics matter more than search.

Back as early as 2007 I was in a focus group for a mainstream media outlet, and amongst social media savvy subscribers, this grazing behaviour was already evident, and a surprise to the media owners back then. Whilst the Trendera research is limited just to the US and specifically to millennials, the trend is far-reaching and quickly becoming mainstream.

December 19, 2014Published by: Drew

Global Social Network and Messaging App user numbers: December 2014

Here at Battenhall we review the world's top social media and social messaging apps every month, and we publish this data in our publication the Battenhall Monthly. We thought we would do a special end of year review, with Instagram having just hit 300 million users, overtaking Twitter in the process, this is the most up to date chart we think you'll find.

It's a way before any social network catches up with Facebook, but we predict WhatsApp and WeChat will be the growth stories of 2015.

Battenhall Social Media User Numbers Data December 2014

November 22, 2014Published by: Drew

Battenhall’s social data insights in today’s Guardian

Guardian Twitterstorm

Battenhall social media data analysis was used on page 9 of today's Guardian newspaper coverage of the twitterstorm that has taken hold of the UK, when MP Emily Thornberry tweeted something that would end with her ultimately losing her job as a Labour frontbencher.

Thornberry tweeted showing a picture of a house in Rochester with a van on its driveway and three St George's Cross flags on its front with the caption "Image from #Rochester". Replies ensued, online and off. "Don't be alarmed, that's just a working class person, they are actually often very nice" read one.

We took a look at how it all developed, which tweets and blog posts caused the rapid spread, how reactions from the twittersphere influenced the media, the public and ultimately the make-up of the Labour Party. Our findings are in The Guardian's graphic, above, and in print in today's paper.

Battenhall social media data insights

We're increasingly being asked to have our social data insights used to help the media with their reporting. Here we are, above, in Sky News, The Telegraph and in City AM in just the last two months. If you are on the look out for some similar insights for brand or news analysis, do get in touch.