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The American president vs. the Swedish librarian

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Donald Trump is causing a stir on Twitter again.  Nothing new there, but this time he had a most unexpected critic. During an unscripted rally on Saturday, the US president referred to: “what’s happening last night in Sweden”, suggesting it was the latest country in Europe to be hit by a terrorist attack. However, with […]

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Why it’s too early to write off Twitter

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Twitter is going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment but the same can’t be said about its Chinese competitor Weibo. As job cuts start to filter through amid a rumoured sale, why are things on the up for Weibo and slightly less rosy for Twitter when they essentially do the same […]

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Twitter set to stop including links and photos in character limit


It may sound like a minor update, but the rumour in itself has made social media managers (and savvy tweeters) rejoice. According to Bloomberg, Twitter could be changing the way that it counts characters. This means that photos and links will no longer be included in the character limit that currently uses 23 characters for […]

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