October 4, 2016Published by: Drew

Heading to Dusseldorf for Innovation in Sports 2016

I'm heading out to Dusseldorf today to speak at Innovation in Sports 2016, an event which kicked off last year at Manchester United's HQ, Old Trafford, and this year has doubled in size and taken on an international flavour, with 2,000 delegates heading over the the Dusseldorf Congress for two-day event.












I'll be speaking on how social media and the internet of things are transforming athlete performance, on and off the pitch. Luckily I WON'T be delivering this talk in German, as that would impact its chances of success somewhat.  Or at least I think I won't be needing to. Some of the talks I'm looking forward to tuning into include 'fan engagement in the business of sport' and 'monetising big data' - the full agenda is here.

If you're heading to the event, you can reach me on Twitter here.

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