April 11, 2013Published by: Drew

How companies structure their social media: in numbers

Ragan has published a survey looking at how companies structure their social media teams. An infographic summarising the findings is below and the full report can be downloaded here. In summary:

  • 42% of companies have just one person looking after social media.
  • 40% of companies have 2-3 people looking after social media.
  • 9% of companies have six or more people managing social media.
  • 25% of companies have interns helping with social media.
  • 86% of companies measure social media in terms of likes and followers.
  • Of all comms departments, advertising is the least likely to be in charge of social media in 26% of instances - marketing and PR are most likely (70% and 69% respectively).



Image courtesy of Ragan.

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