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August 1, 2017Published by: Fereshta Amir

Sarahah: the new anonymous messaging app on the block

Looks like there's a new messaging app in town that could shake things up and compete with the likes of WhatsApp and Yik Yak. Sarahah, a relatively unknown app, caught our attention last week, when it soared to the top of rankings of the most-downloaded apps in the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland. So what is Sarahah and what does it do?
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January 15, 2016Published by: Steph Bennett

Anyone for Peach?

The tasty new social network Peach, arrived on the scene just one week ago today. Created by the founder of Vine, it claims to be a fun, simple way to keep up with your friends and be yourself.

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October 14, 2015Published by: Mashaal Jolly

Will Pinterest be the new online shopping marketplace for fashion brands?


pinterest-buy-buttonLast week, Pinterest rolled out the ‘buy’ button to thousands more merchants, four months after it unveiled its e-commerce plans. Social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have all jumped on the bandwagon to make their sites and apps shoppable with an additional button to buy the product featured, shortening the process from decision to purchase.

Whether you're planning a wedding, searching for outfits, creating arts and crafts with your children or decorating your home, Pinterest has typically been the platform used for practical and inspirational ideas. Today, the platform stands as a ‘social shop’ for its followers and removes the hassle of searching for an item of interest externally.

According to, the visual discovery tool now has more than 60 million ‘shoppable’ pins available across its platform, with users often searching with the intention to buy. Interesting and eye-catching ‘pins’ - or visual bookmarks - previously directed users  to blog posts or a completely different website. However, with ‘buy’ buttons now embedded onto Pinterest itself, could this affect the way shoppers purchase items from their favourite fashion brands?


Dedicated fashion followers and bloggers are always open to new and innovative companies. Whether it’s eBay, charity shops or vintage marketplaces, they’d go anywhere to get their hands on the unique and exclusive. Let’s face it... no one wants to be caught in the same outfit as someone else, which is why apps including Depop, eBay, Asos Marketplace, ASAP54 and Grabble have generated a stream of income for fashionistas recycling their apparel. Apps like online fashion directory, Shopstyle, owned by POPSUGAR Inc, also has a click-to-buy option and offers high-street brands, but could Pinterest’s latest venture see the likes of POPSUGAR being dethroned?

It's fair to say that there are platforms available for every type of shopper, but Pinterest seems to be the go-to platform which will create success for bloggers and smaller, independent brands who ‘pin’ on a regular basis. With 100 million users, Pinterest already has the numbers and fashion brands to capitalise on its offerings. Many brands have seen company profits double since the ‘buy’ button was introduced, however, bigger brands also stand to benefit from uploading their lookbooks and driving more traffic to their websites through Pinterest.

July 24, 2014Published by: Steph Bennett

Imoji App for iPhone turns your selfies into stickers

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 18.14.51

We're all rather fond of the humble emoji but I think it's fair to say that we've all been crying out for something a little less 'clipart' and a lot more fun and well, personal when it comes to stickers to use in our messages.

The Battenhall team are huge fans of memes and gifs so you can imagine our delight when when we discovered theimoji app via The Next Web just moments ago. The imoji app allows you to take an image or photo of your own, upload it to the app and then trim the edges around an object or a face to make entirely unique stickers for you to share with your friends.


In terms of ease of use, the app is quite simply but not always immediately intuitive to use. When you create your first imjoi it's added to a card in the app. You then need to hold, drag and drop your sticker to the centre of the card and the app opens up an iMessage complete with your sticker, ready to send straight away. There is still room for development here as I for one would love to be able to natively post my imojis to Twitter and other social networks too, not just use them for iMessage but there are ways around that for now I'm sure.

Try it for yourself and tweet us to let us know what you think @Battenhall



January 8, 2014Published by: Drew

From Twitter to Jelly: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launches Q&A app

Today we saw the launch of Jelly, a mobile app that's a hybrid of a search engine and a Q&A service - founded by none other than Biz Stone, coincidentally one of Twitter's co-founders.

Jelly allows mobile users to pose questions through the app and their question is shared with the users' social networks. Other individuals from those networks will then provide answers to the question. Users can upload their own queries with a picture attached, and can also answer questions uploaded from others within their networks.

This 'human search engine' has an obvious appeal to mobile users, particularly in an age where consumers trust the opinions of friends and third parties rather than brands and businesses. More interestingly will be how brands decide to adopt the app and utilise it for their business. Might brands showcase a new product publicly on Jelly and ask its consumers what they think?

It's too early to tell if Jelly will be an instant success with mobile users but, considering Biz Stone's credentials and the app's interesting USP, it may just be the new app to kickstart 2014.