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Brace yourself… adverts are coming to WhatsApp

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If you’re anything like us, you’re never too far away from your phone. Chances are you’re reading this on yours right now, and it’s also highly likely that you’ve got WhatsApp installed, which is why this next bit is so important. WhatsApp has announced that following new updates to its privacy policy, businesses will be […]

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How Instagram is making itself more appealing to brands

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Instagram has announced new Business Profiles that will specifically appeal to businesses, marketers and advertisers alike. The launch comes just two weeks after the introduction of Instagram Stories, a feature criticised for being a carbon copy of Snapchat yet, despite this, brands have taken to the new feature. This is due to brands still being […]

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The advent of WhatsApp for brand communications

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WhatsApp last week announced that it is rolling out new services aimed at businesses that are communicating with their customers, along with the news that the Facebook-owned messaging app is dropping the $1 annual fee that some customers are charged. While much buzz was made about the dropping of the dollar fee, the advent of new WhatsApp […]

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McKinsey’s 6 ways business is being reshaped by digital

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The global consulting firm McKinsey recently published an interesting insights piece looking at the different parts of business operations being disrupted by digital and the positive opportunities digital is creating. The article, titled: ‘finding your digital sweet spot’ is worth a read and is online here. Our model of how social media is disrupting communications […]

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Questions on monetary policy? #AskBoE

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The Bank of England broke new ground on Friday, in fact – it became the first central bank in the world to answer questions through Twitter. Jennifer Rankin at The Guardian says it perfectly: “When Britain’s first modern central banker was at the helm of the Bank of England between 1920 and 1944, tweeting was strictly for the birds.” […]

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