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January 29, 2014Published by: Drew

McKinsey’s 6 ways business is being reshaped by digital

The global consulting firm McKinsey recently published an interesting insights piece looking at the different parts of business operations being disrupted by digital and the positive opportunities digital is creating. The article, titled: 'finding your digital sweet spot' is worth a read and is online here.

McKinsey digital transforming business - Battenhall

Our model of how social media is disrupting communications teams from March 2013 in full is here, and fits with McKinsey's model well. Battenhall's pyramids would be in each of McKinsey's six divisions, you could say.

Battenhall social media disruption model 2013

October 21, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Questions on monetary policy? #AskBoE

screen shot 2013-10-18 at 6.56.34 am

The Bank of England broke new ground on Friday, in fact - it became the first central bank in the world to answer questions through Twitter.  at The Guardian says it perfectly:

"When Britain's first modern central banker was at the helm of the Bank of England between 1920 and 1944, tweeting was strictly for the birds."

But not anymore, using the hashtag #AskBoE, the Bank of England answered people's questions about monetary policy. Business insider summarised some of the key questions being asked. Timing here was perfect - just a day after British Gas had a total Twitter meltdown, and that's an understatement.

Answers to questions were sensible, smart and most importantly sometimes included a little hint of good British humour. As one user explained, it might not have been as fun as the #AskBG Twitter chat, but it certainly was more informative.

Since launching its Twitter account mid-2011 The Bank of England has gained 47,100 followers - setting a precedent for other central banks to follow. A full summary of the hour-long Q&A can be found on The BBC Business pages.