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April 11, 2016Published by: Drew

How we built a consultancy for innovation: the Battenhall blueprint

This is a post about how Battenhall works. We are now three years old, and throughout our time building up this business we have tried to foster a new way of working that I felt when we launched better fits the social media age in which we live. The good news is that our model is flourishing. And the single question I get asked the most about what we do at Battenhall is: "but how does it work in reality?" So I wrote this post to explain a little.

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July 11, 2013Published by: Drew

Battenhall in today’s Financial Times

My favourite part of today's Financial Times reads: "At Battenhall it is the workplace culture that is perhaps the biggest attraction." But of course I'm biased! It's awesome to see the work we've started doing here get noticed, and in such a prestigious title.

We were interviewed last month for a feature on progressive workplace cultures which was being written for the management pages of the FT. The back story on how the interview came about is on my personal blog.

You can read the finished FT article is in today's paper and online here. Below is an excerpt from the feature where Battenhall is mentioned, and also a snapshot of the feature in print. Do go buy a copy and show your mothers, we all sure will 🙂

Courtesy of the Financial TimesIn print:

Battenhall in the Financial Times 11 July 2013