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April 29, 2015Published by: Drew

How digital is reshaping the world of advertising

FT Connected Business 2

If you read one thing today, make it the Connected Business supplement in this morning's Financial Times. It explores how digital is reshaping the world of advertising, from a high level how technology is changing the way brands sell, to the new social media influencers, five future marketing trends, a half-page graphic (see below) expanding on the different advertising avenues on offer from the main social networks, and my favourite piece - 'the future lies in number crunching' - a piece on the influence of smart data on the brand.

The full report is available online here.

FT Graphic

All images courtesy of the FT

January 21, 2015Published by: Drew

Speaking at #FjordKitchen London on digital disruption and the Real World Web

Fjord Kitchen

This week I'll be heading over to the upcoming Fjord Kitchen event in London to talk about digital disruption coming from the Real World Web and the Internet of Things, and what brands should be doing now in preparation for what's ahead.

Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, puts on some immense events, and the Fjord Kitchen series has been touring the globe over recent years giving influencers in digital a chance to meet and speak about the future of digital and design. There is also amazing food for the guests (as you can see from my photo from last year's London event which I was lucky enough to also attend).

I'll be looking at how social media, mobile apps, smart homes / environments and digital services are changing due to the trend in internet-connected devices, and what to do about it all. Myself as the guinea pig and consultant. Should be fun!

Follow the chatter online tomorrow evening at #fjordkitchen on Twitter and Instagram.

May 20, 2014Published by: Drew

How digital is transforming business in the social media age

The newest piece of research out from McKinsey looks at how CEOs can address the strategic challenges brought about by the 'digital revolution' going on right now. The consultancy firm's graphic, below, shows the importance of being an early adopter, so as to be able to spot digital trends that will go beyond the tipping point and become the 'new normal'.

Courtesy of McKinsey

McKinsey summarises that digital trends can transform businesses in the following three ways:

  1. Enhancing internal and external communications
  2. Using social data to improve management decisions
  3. Creating new business processes or products that suit the digital age

We are well on board with this agenda and seeing it ourselves first hand. The McKinsey article in full is well worth a read.

April 30, 2014Published by: Drew

Digital is growing at its fastest rate in agencies says new report

Ad Age Going Digital

Ad Age has published a new report charting the progress of US agencies over the years, and in the last 12 months, digital work has tipped over the 35% mark, growing the fastest rate since 2009. Also, employment rates are at their highest since 2001.

The full report, available to download here, looks at a number of global media agency brands and is worth a look if you are benchmarking your digital spend or fancy brushing up on your agency economics.


January 29, 2014Published by: Drew

McKinsey’s 6 ways business is being reshaped by digital

The global consulting firm McKinsey recently published an interesting insights piece looking at the different parts of business operations being disrupted by digital and the positive opportunities digital is creating. The article, titled: 'finding your digital sweet spot' is worth a read and is online here.

McKinsey digital transforming business - Battenhall

Our model of how social media is disrupting communications teams from March 2013 in full is here, and fits with McKinsey's model well. Battenhall's pyramids would be in each of McKinsey's six divisions, you could say.

Battenhall social media disruption model 2013