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Google becomes Alphabet and what it means for digital innovation

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The company formerly known as Google last night announced a new company structure, name and CEO. Google as it used to be is now called Alphabet, a new holding company which oversees a bunch of new companies that used to be subsidiaries of old Google. These new companies include new Google, which now has a […]

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So long, Google+


It has been announced today that Google+ is being officially split into two (or more) parts, named ‘Photos’ and ‘Streams’. The two new elements are being led by Bradley Horowitz, a longtime Google VP of Product Management.

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UK launch today: why Google’s £30 Smart TV plug is less about TV and all about brands

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Big news. Google launches Chromecast today in the UK. In case you’re not familiar with the product, it is a dongle-like plug that slots into your TV’s HDMI socket and turns a dumb television set into a Google Android powered online entertainment experience. The end result is a fusion of TV and tablet. While it’s a […]

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What brands need to know about Google’s $3bn acquisition of Nest

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Google has snapped up one of the hot names in digital right now, a physical products company that allows consumers to control appliances in their home through apps and online dashboards. Nest Labs, the maker of the smart thermostat and the smart smoke alarm believe that they are on a mission to put The Internet […]

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Soon you’ll be able to ‘like’ real world objects with Google Glass

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When we say Google Glass, you say…? There are mixed reactions to this wearable technology device as it is one of the most talked about and hotly anticipated gadgets of the year. The plans for the most recent update is what got us talking: the Google patent that lets Glass wearers “like” real life objects with a […]

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Google gets global with Edinburgh Festival

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It’s been years since we saw the laugh-o-meter appear on a screen, but this year Google has brought it back through an unlikely online medium. The Edinburgh Fringe festival attracts people from around the globe, no surprise then that it’s difficult to find a hotel room or even air-bed to crash during the festival. For […]

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90% of media is digital


Recent research published by Google shows that 90 percent of all media we consume is screen-based, and 77% of our time in front of the TV is spent also on another screen. If there’s one thing February’s Superbowl showed us about building a connection with a brand, it’s that relying on just one screen isn’t enough. […]

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