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January 5, 2017Published by: Tom Bradley

CES 2017 – What can you expect this year?

CES opened its doors in Las Vegas today to welcome the global tech community and display the newest innovations and key tech trends for 2017 and beyond.

Amongst the big brands and major players, there are an impressive number of new start-ups on the exhibitors list this year. With France, Israel, Ukraine and the Netherlands hosting stands to support their nations’ start-ups, what is the latest in tech innovation - and what gadgets will you want this year?

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January 21, 2015Published by: Drew

Speaking at #FjordKitchen London on digital disruption and the Real World Web

Fjord Kitchen

This week I'll be heading over to the upcoming Fjord Kitchen event in London to talk about digital disruption coming from the Real World Web and the Internet of Things, and what brands should be doing now in preparation for what's ahead.

Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, puts on some immense events, and the Fjord Kitchen series has been touring the globe over recent years giving influencers in digital a chance to meet and speak about the future of digital and design. There is also amazing food for the guests (as you can see from my photo from last year's London event which I was lucky enough to also attend).

I'll be looking at how social media, mobile apps, smart homes / environments and digital services are changing due to the trend in internet-connected devices, and what to do about it all. Myself as the guinea pig and consultant. Should be fun!

Follow the chatter online tomorrow evening at #fjordkitchen on Twitter and Instagram.