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The next 10 years of Facebook: lasers, space and virtual reality

Courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg

In the last 10 years, how far has Facebook come? And how different is it now to how it was in the beginning? Facebook went from nothing to being THE social network pretty fast, exclusively in the realm of university students originally, it went on to define a new kind of personal communication, used today by 1.59 BILLION people […]

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What Facebook’s new Messenger for Businesses means for brands

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Facebook Messenger is the world’s second biggest messaging app, with 600m active users, behind only WhatsApp with its 700m. Messaging is the place to be right now in social media and brand communications, as this new chart published in The Economist shows so clearly. 3bn people use the top 10 messaging apps collectively, The Economist says. […]

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