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UK tops mobile social table in new Ofcom communications report

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Ofcom has released its annual report into communications trends. While the epic read touches on everything comms, from TV consumption to radio and telecoms, it’s the new online content and social media usage data (a chapter that is 43 pages on its own) that we have delved into and pulled out for you in this […]

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Ofcom considers deregulation to take growing power of internet into account

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The shift to digital in recent years has meant an uphill challenge for British communications regulator, Ofcom, as it seeks to adapt its own regulations to the changing media and telecoms landscape. In her first interview since being appointed as Ofcom’s chief in December, Sharon White said that deregulation and a lighter approach needs to be […]

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New research by Ofcom shows social media usage of children and parents

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Ofcom has released new statistics on media consumption amongst children and parents. The report is vast and contains hundreds of pages of data, but the social media research in particular is useful. The findings show that 70% of children aged 12-15 in the UK who go online have a social media profile, and that figure […]

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5 graphs worth reading: the social media sections in Ofcom’s new UK media and comms report

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Ofcom’s 11th annual Communications Market Report was released this morning, looking at media consumption and communications trends across the UK. These fresh stats are well-worth a read, and we’ve gone through them all to flag up the key findings for you. Section 4 of the report is about the web and internet. You can view […]

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