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How social media has shaped the Trump-Clinton political circus, and what it means for brands and organisations

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Whether you belong to Team Trump or Team Clinton, you’ve probably not seen anything quite like the 2016 US presidential elections before. Technology has been the great game-changer for both candidates and also the cause of much controversy: Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, found herself in hot water after sharing classified information through her family’s private […]

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The Influence of Social Media in Modern Politics in the UK

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Until recently many have underestimated the power of social media in politics. However two recent events have demonstrated the importance of it. Many political campaigners may take the traditional view that social media cannot influence the reputations and success of politicians, however more and more politicians are beginning to establish themselves on social media platforms. […]

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President Obama live Tumblr Q&A

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There are firsts for everything in social media and today President Obama performed the first ever Presidential Q&A on Tumblr – the microblogging platform. The subject matter all the more relevant for Tumblr’s core audience of teens and college students: education and college cost, value and affordability. The Q&A, held on The Official White House […]

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The White House Embraces Social Media Sharing

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The social media team at The White House clearly have the right idea. Go on twitter and you can follow President Obama, along with about 37 million other people – he’s been on there for about six and a half years. About a year ago POTUS had his own Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything‘ (aka. AMA). […]

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