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June 16, 2014Published by: Drew

10 trends shaping the future internet of things

PSFK Real World Tech

If you are looking for a crib sheet on how to get the most out of the future trends surrounding the internet of things, you could do far worse than spend 20 mins reading PSFK's newest report. The paper, titled: Real World Web - Living with the internet of things, looks at the 10 trends around how digital will re-shape how we live and work.

Here are PSFK's key points from the report:

  1. Shared awareness: how wearable technology is making our lives smarter
  2. Programmable lifestyle: using digital and mobile platforms to control home and work
  3. Open source access: opening up how we interact with the web
  4. Behavioural nudge: how we are becoming smarter thanks to connected devices
  5. Emotional response: controlling the world around us through thought and expression
  6. Contextual experience: how digital experiences are improving based on our actions, location and recent experiences
  7. Adaptive machines: self-learning systems and machines, such as cars
  8. Distributed intelligence: how every electronic device will become wired, and what that means
  9. Environmental whisper: how tech around us is getting smarter
  10. Anticipated action: how our environment will use data to perform intelligently

The paper has heaps of case studies and is worth a read. Here it is on Slideshare if you'd like to see it in full.


April 12, 2014Published by: Drew

The role of digital in the future of health

PSFK has published a new report on the future of health. The free to download paper covers topics ranging from digital gaming, self-tracking and diet logging, to assisted online diagnosis and connected care.

As brands and consumers alike begin to experiment with what's possible with mobile and wearable health technologies, it's handy to see a collection of predictions all in one place. Boehringer Ingleheim has partnered with PSFK to get this report published for free. It's available to view below in full.