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September 14, 2015Published by: Drew

Burberry tops 3rd annual FTSE 100 social media report

Battenhall FTSE 100 report 2015 small crop new

This morning at the opening session of Social Media Week London, we unveiled Battenhall's third annual report on how the FTSE 100 list of companies uses Twitter and other social media. The report is now live and downloadable in full on

Burberry has taken the social media crown for a third year running, and bottom of our rankings is Shire, the pharmaceuticals company, with just 30 followers. The report looks at the brands with the most influence, the risers and fallers, and contains case studies based on interview with the FTSE 100s in addition to exclusive research.

The new report shows that brands have over the last 12 months become more active on Twitter, and whilst there are more high-profile, verified and active accounts in total, nine companies are still not on Twitter at all. There are more Twitter Millionaires than ever before, with both Burberry and Sky breaking the barrier, and the FTSE 100s' audience on Twitter has doubled in the last 12 months, from 6.4m to 12.4m followers collectively. With case studies, data on year-on-year progress, and which brands have switched their social media strategy in the last 12 months, our new report is the most comprehensive produced to date.

Download the full report here [free to access].

April 29, 2015Published by: Drew

How digital is reshaping the world of advertising

FT Connected Business 2

If you read one thing today, make it the Connected Business supplement in this morning's Financial Times. It explores how digital is reshaping the world of advertising, from a high level how technology is changing the way brands sell, to the new social media influencers, five future marketing trends, a half-page graphic (see below) expanding on the different advertising avenues on offer from the main social networks, and my favourite piece - 'the future lies in number crunching' - a piece on the influence of smart data on the brand.

The full report is available online here.

FT Graphic

All images courtesy of the FT

September 22, 2014Published by: Drew

Battenhall launches 2014 FTSE 100 social media report

Battenhall FTSE 100 report 2014

This morning we are launching our second annual report looking at how the FTSE 100 companies use Twitter and social media. The research, published to mark the launch of Social Media Week, shows a widening gulf appearing between the social media haves and the have-nots, with some brands streaking ahead and others stagnating or getting worse.

The full report is available to download here.

This is the second year we have carried out this research on the FTSE 100's use of Twitter and social media, so for the first time, it contains comparable stats from last year showing progress over time. The report charts the increase of social media used for customer service, financial reporting, brand marketing and recruitment. A summary of the key stats are as follows:

  • 10 companies in the FTSE 100 do not have a Twitter account at all, this is down from 12 in 2013
  • Only 37 companies that are on Twitter have verified Twitter accounts. This is an increase of 10 from last year
  • 6 of the 90 companies on Twitter have never tweeted, down from 8 last year
  • 10 of those that are on Twitter have not tweeted in the last month, down from 19 last year
  • Only 39 companies have more than 10,000 followers, up from 28 last year
  • 20 companies have fewer than 1,000 followers, down from 21 last year
  • The FTSE 100 companies tweeted 1,459,223 times in just the last year
  • The top performers on Twitter are Burberry, ITV, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s
  • The worst performers are Glencore Xstrata, Prudential, BHP Billiton and CRH

If you have any feedback or if you'd like to get in touch with us, please email the Battenhall team here.

June 16, 2014Published by: Drew

10 trends shaping the future internet of things

PSFK Real World Tech

If you are looking for a crib sheet on how to get the most out of the future trends surrounding the internet of things, you could do far worse than spend 20 mins reading PSFK's newest report. The paper, titled: Real World Web - Living with the internet of things, looks at the 10 trends around how digital will re-shape how we live and work.

Here are PSFK's key points from the report:

  1. Shared awareness: how wearable technology is making our lives smarter
  2. Programmable lifestyle: using digital and mobile platforms to control home and work
  3. Open source access: opening up how we interact with the web
  4. Behavioural nudge: how we are becoming smarter thanks to connected devices
  5. Emotional response: controlling the world around us through thought and expression
  6. Contextual experience: how digital experiences are improving based on our actions, location and recent experiences
  7. Adaptive machines: self-learning systems and machines, such as cars
  8. Distributed intelligence: how every electronic device will become wired, and what that means
  9. Environmental whisper: how tech around us is getting smarter
  10. Anticipated action: how our environment will use data to perform intelligently

The paper has heaps of case studies and is worth a read. Here it is on Slideshare if you'd like to see it in full.


February 7, 2014Published by: Drew

New ComScore social media user trends report


The global media company ComScore has published a new report looking at media consumption habits and it is is well worth a read. It breaks down social media and youth / millennials differences to other age brackets and media types. Fresh data like this doesn't come about too often, so although it's US-specific it's good to see as a barometer.


All the trends you would expect are in there: Facebook's smaller audience with the youth demographic, Snapchat and Instagram's larger audience with that same group, and the growth of mobile. You can download the report in full here.

September 21, 2013Published by: Drew

Battenhall launches FTSE 100 Twitter report

Today's Financial Times has covered the findings of our newest piece of work, a report into how the FTSE 100 companies use Twitter and social media for corporate communications, customer service and innovation across their businesses.

Over the past six months, we have been carefully studying how the list of FTSE 100 companies use Twitter and social media. It has been fascinating putting this report together. Some companies in the FTSE 100 are doing amazing work through Twitter for their comms function. Many, as you will see in their report, aren't up with the pace. On Monday 23rd September, we will be releasing our findings in the new report which will be released to coincide with our event at Social Media Week.

You can see the major findings in the FT's reporting, and from Monday, the report will be available to download here on our site at

An excerpt from the FT's coverage is below.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 08.04.27

FTSE 100 Twitter report

Images courtesy of the Financial Times.