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February 21, 2014Published by: Anton Perreau

Top 5 things we learnt about BuzzFeed



During the morning of Friday 21 February Battenhall attended the Gorkana briefing from Luke Lewis, Editor of BuzzFeed UK. In true BuzzFeed style, we thought we'd summarise our findings with a few cute gif images:

1. In the UK, always share stuff that's fun and interesting

Luke shared with us that whilst in the USA content that is emotive strikes a tone - the more fun content is popular in the UK.

2. Don't hate, it's just no fun

BuzzFeed even specifies 'no haters' in their job applications. Just don't do it.

3. Niche subject matters are important, not SEO

Focus on small communities in the UK, specific subjects or articles that directly relate to a small community that will share it.

4. Experiment with things all the time

Always say 'yes' to new ideas, if they don't go well, you've learned.

5. Hard news, fun quizzes and silly facts can all live harmoniously in one place

In the future BuzzFeed UK is looking to include more hard-hitting news alongside it's current fun, shareable and interesting content.

 To read more from the Gorkana breakfast briefing with Luke Lewis, head to our LIVE GOOGLE DOC.

July 25, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

The seven types of Snapchat user

Snapchat has made a careful mark on all our mobile devices, the service. As of June 2013 18.9% of iPhone users in the USA were using SnapChat regularly. By now you're probably on one of two sides, the sending or receiving end. To distinguish some of the more common traits of an avid SnapChat user, the Battenhall team has defined seven stereotypes of the SnapChat world.

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June 18, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Video killed the Instagram star


Whilst much of the speculation surrounding Facebook's press event on Thursday has focused on a news reading platform - behind the scenes it seems that Facebook has been planning a huge update to one of its other key services: Instagram.

It's no surprise that video is becoming the medium of choice when sharing with friends - it's popularity has been signposted by the increased conversation surrounding Vine, Twitter's own answer to video sharing. As explained by Jennifer O'Mahony in The Telegraph,

'Shares of Vine clips have surpassed those of Instagram images on Twitter since the addition of an Android version of Vine this month.'

In response, it seems that video may be an addition to the Instagram service as of Thursday. There are strong arguments that the reason for this is because Twitter switched of embedding functionality of Instagram photos, but we'll let the numbers do the talking.

Links to Vine vs. Instagram

Last year Facebook bought Instagram for $715 million (£455m) and unlike so many of its other purchases, it decided to keep Instagram running, and yes it's done well. However as Ingrid Lunden explained with us yesterday on TechCrunch,

'Putting in a video service could serve to further that strategy even more, before new-but-already-popular services like Vine get more of a foothold. It will mean one less app and social network for users to build up, and, for those who like to take and share videos, another reason to visit Instagram.'

It's questionable about what else this surge into the moving image world means for Instagram, a potential answer could be that they're attempting to introduce advertising on the platform, like they tried (and failed) to do before. Moreover, there is no concrete evidence that the new platform will even be integrated into Instagram itself or whether it will be a while new Instagram video app. Let's just hope that in all this corporate hype and planning, the mobile app doesn't lose its appeal.