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Anyone for Peach?


The tasty new social network Peach, arrived on the scene just one week ago today. Created by the founder of Vine, it claims to be a fun, simple way to keep up with your friends and be yourself. Having played with the app daily since its launch and tested out all of its features and […]

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Can the BBC iPlayer creator help us find what we actually want to know on social media?


A clear problem is emerging with social media; it doesn’t tell us what we want to know. On Facebook we only become friends with people we know and like pages that fill our timeline with vaguely irrelevant spam about the Kardashians, on Twitter we follow users we find interesting but they don’t post the content […]

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Just how super is SUPER?


This month, a new social network called ‘SUPER’ launched, created by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, Inc and also helped to create and launch Xanga, Odeo, The Obvious Corporation and Medium. In 2013, Biz Stone launched Jelly – a visual app that focused on users asking and answering questions. Whilst the app received quite a bit […]

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New Social Network ‘This’ launches

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.17.57

Whilst many social networks are self-proclaimed ‘Facebook killers‘, few have actually been able to convert a considerable number of the masses that flock to the social network daily. In November, a new social network named ‘This‘ launched, and whilst it doesn’t claim to be a Facebook killer, it might just give the social network some […]

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MWC2014: Ericsson and Facebook Innovation Lab

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There is plenty of interesting news and comment being generated as a result of Mobile World Congress this year. A major highlight has been the announcement that Ericsson and Facebook will be collaborating on an ‘innovation lab’ to support the work of internet.org – a company who’s aim is to bring the internet to emerging markets and countries, to expand its […]

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Flipboard moves into ecommerce with brand tie-ups

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Flipboard, the popular news aggregation app, has announced that it is branching out into the lucrative domain of e-commerce. Today, Flipboard said that it would be enabling individuals and brands to create their own personal catalogues on the site. This move towards an online magazine catalogue service isn’t surprising. In March, the site introduced a […]

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Who dares challenge LinkedIn? Dow Jones does

Rupert Murdoch

In recent years LinkedIn has held its position as the social network for ‘like minded business people’ connecting together, introductions and proliferation of thought leadership or business news sharing. Alongside this, LinkedIn has been one of the primary places to find and post jobs, join discussions, become a mentor and endorse contacts. LinkedIn’s 225 million […]

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