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May 17, 2016Published by: Meg Edwards

Twitter set to stop including links and photos in character limit

It may sound like a minor update, but the rumour in itself has made social media managers (and savvy tweeters) rejoice. According to Bloomberg, Twitter could be changing the way that it counts characters. This means that photos and links will no longer be included in the character limit that currently uses 23 characters for a link or photo. We all know how irritating it is to cut down on your own creative witticism to fit within the 140 character limit, let alone reducing it further to add an amusing GIF or meme.

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December 13, 2013Published by: Drew

From public to private: Instagram launches direct messaging feature

Private photo-sharing is the latest craze sweeping social media platforms. Just recently, Twitter launched a new app that enabled its users to do just that direct messaging.

As if that didn’t already have SnapChat feeling vulnerable, Instagram - which has around 150 million users - has just introduced direct messaging to its service.

No longer is it mandatory for users to share photos of their lunch publicly; they can now share them with their peers alone and also receive private pictures and videos from those they follow.

While this new addition to Instagram will be welcomed by its user base, who now have more choice in how they share their photos and videos on Instagram, what new opportunities does it present for brands?

Certainly, the ability to directly message users provides brands with an opportunity for some customer relationship management (CRM) and facilitate deeper relationships with their customers. Gap has already seen the potential of this by messaging the first 15 individual people who commented on one of its posts with a limited edition Gap product.

As well as this, brands can directly deal with customers' complaints in the same way they might do on Twitter. With direct messaging, brands can truly have one-on-one conversations with its customers and offer a more bespoke service.

With its introduction of video sharing (taking a leaf out of Vine’s book), sponsored posts and now direct messaging, its clear that Instagram wants to be more than just a photo and video sharing service but a social media platform that provides numerous opportunities for users’ and brands’ communication needs. Ultimately, this will make Instagram a more profitable platform for its shareholders.

Whether or not the Facebook owned platform can make this transition is still up for debate but what is certain is that Instagram has big ambitions and, with all the new features it has announced and implemented this year, it certainly isn’t keeping them private.

November 5, 2013Published by: Tom Bradley

Now introducing…Biebernet?

Launching later this week, Shots Of Me is a new teen-focussed social network from the makers of social mobile games under the RockLive brand. Though the launching of such social networks is never really that surprising nowadays, eyebrows were raised at one of Shots Of Me's investors: that of Justin Bieber.

In a story on Fortune's website, we see that the global superstar - with over 45 million followers on Twitter let's not forget - recently led a $1.1m seed round for the company, alongside angel investor Tom McInerney and boxer Floyd Mayweather.

That the Twitter following behind the 19-year-old singer is so vast is excellent news for RockLive; as a tradition, the company has not used any official press releases to promote its games, instead letting digital word of mouth do the talking. This we like.

So, we'll just have to wait and see whether one tweet from Bieber will make all the difference for Shots Of Me.

October 2, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Speak social media? Speak Mandarin? Battenhall is hiring

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 15.46.02

Whilst predominantly English-speaking social networks like Facebook and Twitter boom across the western hemisphere, one huge market has set in stone a precedent for their own humongous social networks - China. As you'll have seen on our Battenhall Social Media Monthly Report, Chinese social networks are really important to us. We are looking to expand our team, with Mandarin and Cantonese speaking social media communications consultants on both a permanent and freelance basis. Here's the job spec:

在Battenhall我们致力為眾多國際和本土的客戶提供不既有的公關和社會網絡服務。本公司正尋找數名自由或全職的成員加入。 申請人必需能以流利的中文和英文溝通,俱有豐富的社會網絡知識,包括了解Hashtag, Trend, Page 和 Group的分別。工作經驗不是主要,重點是對公關行業感熱情。

Prospective candidates need to know their way around the Internet and and the social web as it looks to us here in the UK, they must have a working knowledge of Mandarin and / or Cantonese – being both written chinese and verbally proficient. And they'll need to know their way around the websites and social networks used by other Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

Ideal candidates are always social media savvy, alongside this a background in social media or PR is a plus. Most importantly we want people who are passionate about working with Battenhall to apply. You can read a bit more about us here. To outline some of the key factors, we've added a job spec on our 'join us' page - head over there to read more and when you're ready get in touch.

September 30, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

The White House Embraces Social Media Sharing

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 13.08.36

The social media team at The White House clearly have the right idea. Go on twitter and you can follow President Obama, along with about 37 million other people - he's been on there for about six and a half years. About a year ago POTUS had his own Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' (aka. AMA). For a brief amount of time Obama was on Foursquare - though we're not sure how that was helpful when people can track him anyway. Despite this you can still check in to The White House on Foursquare if you're lucky enough to be invited.

Perhaps The White House has realised that social media is actually a viable way to share your message with the masses, get yourself (re)elected. To embrace social media and the content we share through it, The White House has launched 'White House Shareables' - a resource where users can find infographics, videos, presentations and general information or propaganda pertaining to The White House. All of this can be filtered and searched, then shared throughout social media channels within seconds. As WebProNews explains,

"For an administration that’s been criticized for some failures to accurately and convincingly explain the President’s policies to the American people (read: The Affordable Care Act), this is one minor move to enlist the public to help spread the word."

Regardless of how well the administration has been performing, this move in a direction to embrace more social media in politics is a sign of the times that social media is an essential part of everything - whether you're a small business or one of the world's largest government administrations. As The White House put it: 'Check it out, and get sharing.'

August 8, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Gambling social influence offline


The key for brands has always been to see how offline experiences can influence the online space we share and engage within. Tactically, this has meant performing a stunt offline, filming or sharing it - then analysing how it went through quick responses and comments online.

In the past few years, crowdsourcing has seen it's uses rise, through funding, Q&A, tasks or even resources. We're not alien to crowdsourcing, but the concept of using crowdsourced answers and only crowdsourced responses is a subject which is approached with caution.

One brand putting this theory to the test today is on our doorstep in London. Our client, The Casino at The Empire on Leicester square is today performing the world's first #SocialCasino Experiment - which asks one question:

Can the crowd help one player successfully make the best decisions with £1,000 of the Casino's money?

From 2:30pm today, a competition winner will have free reign with £1,000 in The Casino, asking twitter to help him with every decision, whether it's lunch, betting, or gaming.

We want you to get involved! Just follow @empirecasino and wait for the bets to appear at 2:30pm GMT today.

July 30, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Social media masters: A method in the madness?

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 16.35.32

This week The Wall Street Journal announced a shift in job titles relating to social media. Between 2012 and 2013 the number of jobs with the term 'social media' was down by 9% according to - additionally, jobs with the word 'Twitter' in the title dropped by 22%. But what does this mean about the world of work?

The main answer lies in finding a social media expertise, it's difficult for someone to understand social media strategy, if they don't have a role to play in the technical functions of an overall business strategy. In an attempt to tackle this new media, many universities are offering courses that focuses solely on this medium itself. The WSJ article by Zara Stone looks at The University of Florida, where an 18-month masters in Social Media is advertised to,

'...examine the impact of social media and explains how it can be used to influence the future of communication, marketing, journalism, politics, entertainment, public relations, and more.'

Understandably, educational establishments aim to broaden students' horizons, inspire them to do greater things or to dig deeper into the methodology (not practice) of their chosen subject. It could be difficult to dig into methodology of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter though - as the intricate algorithms behind these platforms change daily.

The WSJ piece by Stone goes on to share that skill searches by potential employers with terms like 'Instagram' and 'Twitter' were up by 644% and 44% respectively, between 2012 and 2013. It seems that whilst candidates roles are becoming more integrated with bigger business goals, their innovative skill set is what matters.Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 17.09.00

Indeed social media has created an economy which is much more practical, volatile and intricate. You can't call social networking an industry - it cross-tangents with so many different departmental functions of any organisation that social media is a necessity everywhere. Needless to say, this all leads to one big question - when a candidate applies for a job, how will a degree or masters in social media be perceived, surely knowledge of new media, innovation, interpersonal skills and technology is more important?

Perhaps then the best way to really understand social media is to get hands on, learn how it applies to your pre-existing expertise and innovate the way you choose to use it.

July 25, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

The seven types of Snapchat user

Snapchat has made a careful mark on all our mobile devices, the service. As of June 2013 18.9% of iPhone users in the USA were using SnapChat regularly. By now you're probably on one of two sides, the sending or receiving end. To distinguish some of the more common traits of an avid SnapChat user, the Battenhall team has defined seven stereotypes of the SnapChat world.

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