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Twitter set to stop including links and photos in character limit


It may sound like a minor update, but the rumour in itself has made social media managers (and savvy tweeters) rejoice. According to Bloomberg, Twitter could be changing the way that it counts characters. This means that photos and links will no longer be included in the character limit that currently uses 23 characters for […]

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Boosting Engagement by Gamifying Twitter

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If you’re a frequent Twitter user, being in tune with a round-up of relevant engagement stats is probably a top concern. To answer this and increase engagement, Twitter recently launched @AchievementBird – an account which will allow you to receive direct messages (aka. DMs) rounding up recent engagement. The direct messages vary, some explaining how […]

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The White House Embraces Social Media Sharing

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The social media team at The White House clearly have the right idea. Go on twitter and you can follow President Obama, along with about 37 million other people – he’s been on there for about six and a half years. About a year ago POTUS had his own Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything‘ (aka. AMA). […]

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Is Twitter set to become the hottest ticket in town?

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At 10pm last night UK time, Twitter’s bosses sent out a tweet announcing something big. The company is going public, following in the footsteps of Facebook last year. With shares in Twitter due soon to go on the open market, you have to wonder, will Twitter become the hottest ticket in town? If you speak […]

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