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May 17, 2016Published by: Meg Edwards

Twitter set to stop including links and photos in character limit

It may sound like a minor update, but the rumour in itself has made social media managers (and savvy tweeters) rejoice. According to Bloomberg, Twitter could be changing the way that it counts characters. This means that photos and links will no longer be included in the character limit that currently uses 23 characters for a link or photo. We all know how irritating it is to cut down on your own creative witticism to fit within the 140 character limit, let alone reducing it further to add an amusing GIF or meme.

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January 13, 2014Published by: Anton Perreau

Boosting Engagement by Gamifying Twitter

Twitter NYT Descriptions

If you're a frequent Twitter user, being in tune with a round-up of relevant engagement stats is probably a top concern. To answer this and increase engagement, Twitter recently launched @AchievementBird - an account which will allow you to receive direct messages (aka. DMs) rounding up recent engagement.

The direct messages vary, some explaining how a specific tweet was received by your audience, others with general metrics in the last twenty-four hours. As Michael Panzarino at TechCrunch explains:

"One of my tweets was ‘used in an article’ and AchievementBird notified me of the fact. When I clicked on the link, the relatively new ‘Related headlines’ feature showed me exactly where the tweet had been used."

This new account, @AchievementBird is tapping into Twitter analytics and bring out top results - enticing users to dig deeper, no doubt. To read more about this move into engagement direct messages, head to TechCrunch.

September 30, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

The White House Embraces Social Media Sharing

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 13.08.36

The social media team at The White House clearly have the right idea. Go on twitter and you can follow President Obama, along with about 37 million other people - he's been on there for about six and a half years. About a year ago POTUS had his own Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' (aka. AMA). For a brief amount of time Obama was on Foursquare - though we're not sure how that was helpful when people can track him anyway. Despite this you can still check in to The White House on Foursquare if you're lucky enough to be invited.

Perhaps The White House has realised that social media is actually a viable way to share your message with the masses, get yourself (re)elected. To embrace social media and the content we share through it, The White House has launched 'White House Shareables' - a resource where users can find infographics, videos, presentations and general information or propaganda pertaining to The White House. All of this can be filtered and searched, then shared throughout social media channels within seconds. As WebProNews explains,

"For an administration that’s been criticized for some failures to accurately and convincingly explain the President’s policies to the American people (read: The Affordable Care Act), this is one minor move to enlist the public to help spread the word."

Regardless of how well the administration has been performing, this move in a direction to embrace more social media in politics is a sign of the times that social media is an essential part of everything - whether you're a small business or one of the world's largest government administrations. As The White House put it: 'Check it out, and get sharing.'

September 13, 2013Published by: Drew

Is Twitter set to become the hottest ticket in town?

Twitter IPO tweet

At 10pm last night UK time, Twitter's bosses sent out a tweet announcing something big. The company is going public, following in the footsteps of Facebook last year. With shares in Twitter due soon to go on the open market, you have to wonder, will Twitter become the hottest ticket in town?

If you speak to any teens today, they will tell you that indeed it will. Twitter has managed to pull off a coup with its now utterly mainstream user base. The next generation is fed up with Facebook, so I hear. They are all about Twitter. Whilst volume of users on Facebook still outstrips anything else, many brands with an eye on the future can see that Twitter is the big player now across all generations and demographics.

The coming weeks will be interesting for watching what Twitter does next. This piece in Business Week looks at how Twitter can seek to avoid Facebook's IPO stumble.

But for brands and social media, now is the time to double down on your Twitter strategy, because the best is yet to come.