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December 21, 2017Published by: Robert Haslam

Facebook is improving the feed. Like if you agree.

To end 2017, Facebook is making some changes that will impact the strategy some publishers use to drive engagement. Facebook, as with the other social networks, is constantly tweaking its algorithms to try and improve the experience of using the network. Done right, the algorithms help ensure that you, the user, see content that will interest you the most.

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May 17, 2016Published by: Meg Edwards

Twitter set to stop including links and photos in character limit

It may sound like a minor update, but the rumour in itself has made social media managers (and savvy tweeters) rejoice. According to Bloomberg, Twitter could be changing the way that it counts characters. This means that photos and links will no longer be included in the character limit that currently uses 23 characters for a link or photo. We all know how irritating it is to cut down on your own creative witticism to fit within the 140 character limit, let alone reducing it further to add an amusing GIF or meme.

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May 4, 2016Published by: Samantha Sy

What Snapchat, the King of micro-moments, has in store for us

Snapchat has evolved a huge amount since its inception in September 2011 and we've kept a keen eye on this social messaging platform as it has continued to grow, and draw in users from across the globe with its innovative and addictive features. One of those is the ability to apply filters, and in March for our third birthday, we set about creating our own custom made Snapchat filter.

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July 9, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Privacy as a priority: Facebook rolls out Graph Search

A few months ago, Facebook announced it was developing Graph Search - a new tool for users to harness each others data by enabling smart searching through phrases. For so long, Facebook has been built to provide search results within specific search dimensions. Now though, users can dig a little deeper. Even more importantly, brands will be able to target more effectively.

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July 4, 2013Published by: Fereshta Amir

The battle between Vine and Instagram is on

VIneThis week Vine released its biggest update for iOS to date, introducing various fresh services to the six-second looping video-sharing app in an attempt to fight back against Instagram's introduction of video last month.

The update includes 15 new channels or 'Vine genres' ranging from music and comedy to cats where users can submit videos. Each of these channels has a its own theme and popular feed allowing for a number of different ways to be discovered on Vine, including a section called "On the Rise" highlighting Vine videos going viral on the service.

New capture tools include grid and ghost tools to spice up users' videos, although unlike Instagram it still lacks editing and filtering features. Other technical updates include a redesigned camera with the function of setting focus and exposure, making it easier for users to frame shots.

Users can now "revine" Vine posts to followers similarly to retweeting a tweet on Twitter and taking a leaf out of Instagram's book, Vine now allows the ability to create protected accounts only visible to specified users.

The update brings some much-requested features to the app by improving users' ability to gain followers and get noticed within the app. With Instagram having 130 million users and Vine 13 million, it remains to be seen how this update will compete with Instagram, the battle is on...

You can download the Vine update now for iOS devices from the App Store.






May 21, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Is a bigger, more beautiful Flickr better?

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 15.08.34

Yahoo! has started putting the Flickr name back on the map since the relaunched iOS app in December 2012, which included photo filters, endless scrolling and increased sharing functionality amongst other updates. According to Marissa Mayer the update "generated 25% more photos uploaded, views and shared on a daily basis".

Whilst the iOS app received this attention, it was about time Yahoo! gave some TLC, which is certainly what it's received with the new update. Alongside a refresh of the overall UI, overall sharing functionality and Android app, Flickr now boasts 1TB of photo storage for users. Good news? Not so fast, user response to the update has been overwhelmingly negative, according to TechRadar,

Users are complaining about basic usability, unwanted infinite scrolling, slow loading, the removal of titles (they only appear on mouseover now), problems finding stuff, the ability for someone else's glamour shots to dominate your front page, the complete impossibility of clicking links in the front page footer... you get the idea.

Heavy complaints following a UI update aren't alien in the digital frontier, but with significant changes to Flickr Pro accounts, Yahoo! risks losing users to competitors like 500px.

There's been increasing speculation over what role Flickr has to play with the acquisition of Tumblr in the last couple of days. Before anything official is announced, Yahoo! will have to work hard retaining loyal users who probably feel backstabbed by the new pricing structure. For now, the new Flickr update looks good, and with storage for 537,731 photos even the most amateur photographer can't go wrong.