April 13, 2015Published by: Drew

The arrival of the media grazing age

courtesy of emarketer

In the social media age, we don't follow media. Rather, media finds us. This is the finding in eMarketer's newest piece of research, sourced by Trendera, which looks specifically at how 13-34 year olds consume online video. But this is a much broader trend which we are seeing across multiple media formats and spreading across demographics, where social media has created a mainstream media grazing age.

Trendera's research shows that, amongst US respondents, recommendations are more important than subscribing to specific video content, and trending topics matter more than search.

Back as early as 2007 I was in a focus group for a mainstream media outlet, and amongst social media savvy subscribers, this grazing behaviour was already evident, and a surprise to the media owners back then. Whilst the Trendera research is limited just to the US and specifically to millennials, the trend is far-reaching and quickly becoming mainstream.

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