March 26, 2013Published by: Drew

The UK gets a dose of Buzzfeed: is this the future of journalism?

Buzzfeed UK

Brace yourself. Buzzfeed, the "first true social news organisation" has arrived in the UK. Catering for the appetite we have for surfing the web and grazing social media for random factoids and entertainment, Buzzfeed is one of the hottest properties online.

Buzzfeed combines viral curation with editorial management of its content. The Guardian in its preview of the UK launch back in January sums up the importance of the emergence of this new kind of media succinctly:

"Is this the future of journalism? [...] Its mix of the serious and stupid poses a fresh challenge for traditional media companies as they battle for web users' time and attention. Its flexible approach to advertising – shunning the tired model of banner ads in favour of sponsored content – makes it a trailblazer in the rise of the social web."

Follow the UK edition of Buzzfeed online at and on Twitter at @buzzfeeduk.

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