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From Twitter to Jelly: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launches Q&A app

Today we saw the launch of Jelly, a mobile app that’s a hybrid of a search engine and a Q&A service – founded by none other than Biz Stone, coincidentally one of Twitter’s co-founders.

Jelly allows mobile users to pose questions through the app and their question is shared with the users’ social networks. Other individuals from those networks will then provide answers to the question. Users can upload their own queries with a picture attached, and can also answer questions uploaded from others within their networks.

This ‘human search engine’ has an obvious appeal to mobile users, particularly in an age where consumers trust the opinions of friends and third parties rather than brands and businesses. More interestingly will be how brands decide to adopt the app and utilise it for their business. Might brands showcase a new product publicly on Jelly and ask its consumers what they think?

It’s too early to tell if Jelly will be an instant success with mobile users but, considering Biz Stone’s credentials and the app’s interesting USP, it may just be the new app to kickstart 2014.