April 17, 2013Published by: Drew

UK spends 13mins per hour on social media

New social media data from Experian Hitwise has revealed that the UK spends 13 minutes in every hour spent online using social media. This is the biggest single chunk of our time, followed by entertainment, then shopping and after that news.

UK social media infographic courtesy of Hitwise

One interesting finding is that total time spent on social media is down marginally from non-3G/4G internet access. In other words, it looks like people are moving away from fixed internet access to mobile for their social media, but this Experian Hitwise report tells just part of the story.

The full breakdown of the research, which also looks at US and Australia data is worth a read, and Experian Hitwise is worth a bookmark too, as Robin Goad and his team are regularly creating useful media insights such as this.

Image courtesy of Experian Hitwise

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