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What is disruption

If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s that innovation rules. We think that the rate of change we’re seeing in the media landscape has rendered the old model of agency and brand communications¬†obsolete. The disruption that has happened to the media at the hands os social is now happening in PR and communications. And we want to find a new way forward.

Our article in the Huffington Post, titled: ‘why the comms agency model is ripe for disruption’, explores just how agencies currently work when it comes to social media and digital, and what the new way forward could be.

Our thinking is that the traditional ways of working with social media (see figs 1-3 below) are never going to cut it with the rate of change we’re seeing in the media landscape. The social media economy moves faster than that.

Fig 1 2 and 3

The depth of skill in an agency needs to be in the media landscape itself – and that means social. So the future agency model is turned on its head (see fig 4).

Fig 4

Do have a read of our piece and let us know what you think.

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