February 2, 2016Published by: Mashaal Jolly

WhatsApp reaches a billion active users

Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced last night that it is being used by a billion people every month, with fresh stats confirming that a whopping 43 billion messages and 250 million videos are sent on a daily basis.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook back in October 2014, and although Facebook Messenger has an impressive  800 million monthly users, WhatsApp has been outperforming its parent for a while now.  What we have also started seeing is WhatsApp not only leapfrog other messaging apps, but also cannibalise social networks which have been adding private messaging to their repertoire - for example Twitter with its DMs.

We’re big fans of WhatsApp here at Battenhall Towers, pioneering our own Broadcast as a a social media news feed.  To subscribe, simply add Battenhall’s number +44 7762 533 602 to your mobile phone address book and send us a WhatsApp message with just the word ‘Join’. See you there soon!

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