November 6, 2013Published by: Fereshta Amir

World domination: Twitter’s focus on international growth


Today Twitter launched a new India blog - a sign of its focus on international growth, fuelled by the fact that India is a huge market where English is the common denominator. As TechCrunch reports, one of the persistent themes in pre-IPO Twitter’s S-1 filings is that the company has more users outside of the U.S., but when it comes to making money, that shifts drastically — an issue problematic enough that Twitter spells it out in the prospectus as a warning about its business.

The launch of the India blog is Twitter's way of showing a commitment to ramping up its focus in the country by means of special, localised attention and could be a start of what is to come in other big and emerging markets. Twitter’s S-1 makes it clear that the upcoming challenge for the company is a pressing point:

If we fail to expand effectively in international markets, our revenue and our business will be harmed.

The focus in India is only a start: Twitter notes four countries where it will hire more sales and marketing people — Australia, Brazil, Ireland and the Netherlands, but interestingly not India! We can only wait and see if Twitter succeeds in its mission for world domination.

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