October 23, 2017Published by: Drew

Trying something new – book short bursts of time with Battenhall in our 20% time

Since day one, we have tried to do things differently to other PR firms and ad agencies here at Battenhall, in the hope that we can find a new, more relevant working model for the social media age we're in. One of these different things is how we manage our time.

At Battenhall, all our consultants are given 20% of the working month to experiment, learn new skills and work on side projects. Limiting the amount of 'billable time' is very rare in agency land, for fear of it leading to a loss of earnings. But we find without R&D time for all, innovation is stifled. That's just not an option for us, as we're proud to be specialists in this area. So I'm launching a new experiment today in how I offer out my 20% time.

Book bursts of Battenhall 20% time

Starting this month, I will be offering one day a month of my time in 45min chunks for anyone to book. This will be a surgery-style drop-in, ideally suited to someone looking for consultancy advice on social media, PR or digital comms projects. All I ask for is that you're respectful with you request for time, that you don't try to sell us something, and that you've read up on Battenhall first so you know what you can get value from discussing with us.

The kind of things you might like to spend your time with us discussing might include:

  • Comms strategy and campaign advice
  • Social media tips
  • Branding / positioning
  • Checking on results from a current campaign
  • Help on a launch plan
  • Brain-picking on future social media and comms trends
  • Or maybe you're a non-profit and small bits of free advice are like gold dust to you

How to book

I have linked up my work calendar so that you can book slots online, so just find an available day and slot, and book it in. Click here to book.

Why are we doing this?

Many reasons really. I'm a huge believer in serendipity. Good always comes from good meetings. And for many organisations and projects, commissioning a specialist agency like ourselves isn't always a viable first step. A brief meeting like this doesn't take much of anyone's time, so nothing ventured, nothing gained. In 2018 we will see if this is worth continuing or even extending. So watch this space!

October 20, 2017Published by: Drew

Battenhall awarded Best Specialist Consultancy Highly Commended gong by PR Week

It was award ceremony week this week at Battenhall, with both the PR Week Awards and the UK Social Media Awards falling on the same night. We were fortunate enough to have been shortlisted for a 'best agency' award at both, with PR Week putting us through as finalists for Best Specialist Consultancy, and the UK Social Media Awards naming us as finalists for Best Large Agency.

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October 5, 2017Published by: Meg Edwards

Instagram adds polls to its stories plus more!

This week Instagram rolled out a very exciting new feature. Users can now post a story with a voting sticker that works as a button and allows people to answer a two-option question. The user is then able to see what people have voted and which option is winning.

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September 27, 2017Published by: Drew

What would you do with twice the tweet? #280characters

Last night, Twitter announced that it will be doubling the length of a tweet, to 280 characters. The social network launched originally as an alternative to the text message, which back then could only be 160 characters long. So Twitter factored in the username length, and gave each tweet a maximum of 140. This has been Twitter's USP since day one, but as user growth has slowed for Twitter, the company has been looking for new features to roll out that might reignite users' love for the social network.

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September 14, 2017Published by: Leah Domenet

A handy round-up of new social features this summer

Summer might not be over just yet, but the change in weather would certainly suggest otherwise. June, July and August have flown by, and as always, there have been loads of new developments in the social media world. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast let alone what new social media features and innovations came out, so here’s a quick and handy recap of some of the key highlights from each platform.

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September 5, 2017Published by: Delia Howe

The Tweeting T&Cs

If, you are anything like me, and logging into Twitter to see an ‘Update to Terms and Conditions’ message pop up doesn’t appeal in the slightest, you’re in luck. Reading new Terms of Service notes, if you even do, is like a game of hide and seek to find what has actually changed, how to interpret the new changes, not to mention did you ever read them before to actually know what has changed? I thought not. Well, the good news is that I’ve read Twitter’s new T&Cs so you don’t have to.

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